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Sekoia by Yoga on High

Lea Funk

Lea is a mom of 3 boys, a wife, and is a master hairstylist with 16 years of experience. Sekoia is very special to her and she holds it close to her heart.

Possessed of a peaceful, soothing nature and an energetic center, she enjoys working from subtle to intense. She holds space in a patient and gentle way, bringing her classes in to the here and now with essential oils, pranayama, and meditation. Then, she guides her class into a flow accompanied by a play list made especially for the intention or theme set for each class. She loves to teach proper alignment, pose energetics, anatomy and holds. In this way she heightens her classes’ ability to burn through any layers they might hold. Her classes are designed to expend energy through asana in order to encourage a deeper connection in a chosen restorative experience in Savasana.

Lea believes yoga is a practice that allows one to dive deeper and explore what lies within. Her heart is full of love and passion. Her want is to give it and for others to know that it's unconditional. She believes that yoga practice can be self study; a peaceful and secure place to feel whatever arises internally and externally. Her journey as a teacher is to help others seek out the delicate yet strong center that lies within them.

Lea has been blessed with the ability to see past the outside layers into the hearts center. There's a place of goodness in all. She wants her students to know and connect with the peacefulness that resides within. Lea's heart is love, her mind is open, her soul is receptive and she feels her life is angelic. With a deep compassion for teaching she wants to help lead others closer to there own place of complete being. 

The smallest gesture can change ones whole being and energetic flow.