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Sekoia by Yoga on High

Karine Wascher

Yoga is a Blessing

Co-creator and co-founder of Sekoia, Karine Wascher combines her 20 year yoga practice with a passion for the benefits of essential oil therapy, meditation, reiki, movement, sound and pranayama.

Karine’s teaching philosophy is influenced by the transformational power of the awakened senses, breath and energy to activate Prana. She invites students to move intuitively, tapping into their unlimited potential by awakening the guru that resides within.

Always curious, engaged and open, Karine views her teaching journey as an extraordinary path of learning.

In her dharma to share yoga with underserved communities, Karine teaches yoga to inmates of local prisons, people with eating disorders, and cancer patients.

She also mentors and lectures at the Yoga on High Teacher Training  Institute.

In her practice as an Intuitive Soul Journey Coach, Karine assists clients in clearing energetic blocks by combining powerful ancient healing modalities to empower, enliven and nurture their wellness journey. She shares her gifts of intuitive energy touch, reiki, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, meditation, clairvoyance and yoga.

Originally from Montreal, Karine grew up in a lively Haitian-Austrian family, speaking French, Creole, German and English. She credits her natural  “joie de vivre” and passion for music and movement to her multi-ethnic background.

Off the mat, Karine is an artist, explorer of the spirit world, blogger, dreamer, designer, visionary, devoted mother, wife and absolute free spirit with a wicked sense of humor.

Karine’s dharma is to ignite, inspire, share, love, laugh, move, breathe, restore, connect and awaken.

Find Karine on Facebook and follow her adventures on Instagram.